"Transformation" A Pluto 140.25Hz C#3 Astral Vibration Guided Meditation By Yeye & Justin Miller (20 mins.)

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Pluto 140.25Hz C#3: Transformation

Pluto is what we might call almighty. King of the underworld, darkness, all that is hidden, all that is profound. Pluto is all about our feelings. He teaches us that all that we keep hidden, denied, suppressed, about our selves, is what tends to control our lives. Its lessons are always about power, whether is power struggles, or how to evolve your personal power, Pluto keep us in constant transformation. It is the magician of the psychic, always renewing the Self. Pluto spends 15 years in every zodiac sign and it takes 180 years to complete a round through them all.

This meditation inspires meditators to embrace the art of observing the Universe, in the reflection of the Self. The exercise to observe breath & sensations, in resonance with Pluto frequencies, has the intention to awaken awareness of our shadow self and its transformational power to renew us in the evolution of being who we are, with the understanding that insight and wisdom only happens within our own experiential truth.

A 20 minutes audio guided meditation by PlanetaryMood: Yeye & Justin Miller 
- 91.5 MB Zip folder with 2 Files, with sounds and music and without (voice only)
- Downloadable High-Quality MP3
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