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Seat Of Your Soul Adult Coloring Book: For Calm & Relaxation - FREE US Shipping!


Your Perfect Mindfulness Tool

Independent Review From Reader's Favorite

FREE US Shipping!

  • 20 Drawings X 2 Pages For Each
  • 40 FULL Pages Of Animals & Nature
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief In Minutes

COLORING REDUCES STRESS & ANXIETY - Coloring is a meditative type of practice that allows the fear-center of your brain to relax - which allows you to relax and reduces your overall stress.

COLORING IS FUN & SOCIAL - Adult coloring is being done individually and in groups and events these days - so get coloring with your family, friends, or even solo with some relaxing music.

COLORING TRAINS YOUR MIND TO FOCUS - It takes us great focus and concentration to color within the lines. Clinical counselor Leslie Marshall says that coloring "opens up the frontal lobe of the brain (the home of organizing and problem solving) and focuses the mind" by allowing us to forget our worries.

COLORING BOOSTS YOUR CREATIVITY - Your coloring book is your work of art! It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks - it's your Picasso. Have fun and be child like creating your masterpiece!

COLORING IS LIKE MINDFULNESS MEDITATION - Being mindful is a critical skill in our increasingly busy world, and coloring allows your other external thoughts to melt away.

The Seat Of Your Soul Adult Coloring Book is an ideal self improvement tool that benefits you by being fun as well as being calming and relaxing.

Coloring this book will take you away to when you were a child - it's a wonderful adventure!

These pages are filled with a loving welcome page that you can color - as well as 40 FULL PAGE therapeutic illustrations - 20 illustrations that are doubled up when open so you can color the exact same images with your loved ones at the same time.

All of our illustrations are hand drawn and are focused on nature and animals - to take us away to our childhood, and our ancestral roots. Click on the Look Inside Image and explore our wonderful drawings, just waiting for you to get started today!

Psychiatrist Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, prescribed coloring to his patients to center and calm their minds. Doctors today continue to follow Jung’s lead and still recommend the activity to combat anxiety, relieve stress, boost creativity, and improve mindfulness.

"Because it’s a centering activity, the amygdala (which is the part of the brain that is involved with our fear response) actually gets a little bit of a rest, and it ultimately has a really calming effect over time." - Dr. Ben Michaelis, Clinical Psychologist

"The most amazing things occurred - we started seeing changes in heart rate, changes in brainwaves (while coloring).” - Dr. Stan Rodski, Neuropsychologist

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