"Intuition and Dreams" A Neptune 211.44Hz G#3 Astro Guided Meditation By Yeye & Justin Miller (15 mins.)

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Neptune 211.44Hz G#3: Intuition and Dreams Astro Meditation

Neptune can be that which you feel, but you can’t see. A giant ice planet found by mathematical calculation, teaches us to train our senses to perceive that which can only be observed by our sensations. To underestimate the influence of that which we cannot see, takes our personal power away, as what we see is not always what it is, but a projection of what we think. In the Astral plane, Neptune influences the dissolution of the ego, by accentuating our connection with that which cannot be bought, inspiration, creativity, beauty, art, unconditional love. Neptune is Venus mayor Octave, known as a trans personal planet, its interests are not personal, but for the service of all. Neptune spends almost 14 years in each zodiac sign, and it takes between 165 and 168 years to complete a round through them all.

This meditation inspires meditators to embrace the art of observing the Universe, in the reflection of the Self. The exercise to observe breath & sensations, in resonance with Neptune frequencies, has the intention to awaken intuition and dreams, with the understanding that insight only comes from experiential truth.

A 15 minutes audio guided meditation by PlanetaryMood: Yeye & Justin Miller 
- 68.5 MB Zip folder with 2 Files, with sounds and music and without (voice only)
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