"Creative Power" A Jupiter 183.58Hz F#3 Astro Guided Meditation By Yeye & Justin Miller (15 mins.)

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Jupiter 183.58Hz F#3: Creative Power Astro Meditation

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System, which allows it to protect the Earth from collision with Asteroids. Its composition is similar to the Sun’s, with a strong magnetic field as a result of its grandiosity. Jupiter influences abundance, expansion, spiritual growth, astral travel, the realm of belief. It contains all that is good positive vibrations. Jupiter spends one year in each zodiac sign, and takes 12 years to compete a round through them all.

This meditation inspires meditators to embrace the art of observing the Universe, in the reflection of the Self. The exercise to observe breath & sensations, in resonance with Jupiter frequencies, has the intention to awaken Expansive Creative Power, with the understanding that insight only comes from experiential truth.

A 15 minutes audio guided meditation by PlanetaryMood: Yeye & Justin Miller 
- 69 MB Zip folder with 2 Files, with sounds and music and without (voice only)
- Downloadable High-Quality MP3
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