What Makes Us Healthy And Happy?

What Makes Us Healthy And Happy?

Focus On What Truly Makes You Healthy & Happy... 

What makes you most content and fulfilled on your journey throughout life?

Who should you spend your days with?

And where should you focus your time and energy?

Harvard researcher, and psychologist Robert Waldinger is the director of an unprecedented 75 year old study. The study is on Adult Development, and involves 724 adult men.

Now, that's a long and persistent study!

The study focuses on how to have a long and fulfilling life. Something I'm sure we're all looking for. I know that I am.

Here's the awesome TED Talk from Dr. Waldinger -> What Makes A Good Life?

In his talk, he shares 3 important lessons learned from the study, as well as some practical wisdom on how to build a long life that is happy and fulfilling.

An important message from Robert that is worth mentioning here - Good relationships keep us healthier and happy throughout our life!

Are you spending enough time with people that make you happy?

Are you filling your days with laughs?

With movement and exercise?

With great nutrition, or lots of travel, or daily meditation?

I know that I love hiking, travel, laughing, creative talks, reading, yoga, meditation, tennis, kayaking, time in nature, and so many other wonderful activities that are filled with friends and family.

I will continue to focus on those things.

What will you focus on?

Stay happy and healthy!