Downward Cat? Yoga With A Cause For Claws!

Downward Cat? Yoga With A Cause For Claws!

Hello Kitty! Cat Yoga Brings Awareness To Orphaned Cats

Yoga (and some yogis) can indeed be quite serious and structured. Not always though!



Above is a quick video of a yoga studio in Vancouver, Canada (my hometown!) that is raising awareness for homeless and sheltered kittens in the area. It really looks like a very light hearted atmosphere, which yoga definitely needs at times....playfulness and enjoyment of the practice of yoga.


So if you love watching endless cat videos on YouTube then check out the video above and see how this yoga studio is raising awareness and funds for a local furry feline shelter.

The Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (or VOKRA) joined forces with Catfe (a Vancouver cafe for you and your cats!) and Stretch Vancouver yoga studio to host their first “Cats on Your Mats” class recently.

The event raised $850 for VOKRA whose primary mission is to find homes for Vancouver’s homeless cats. Nice work!


The kittens acted like kittens - sniffing at yogis, playing around the room, and lightening the session. A great distraction for the usually deep and methodical practice of yoga.

“It’s just a great way to bring cat lovers together in a unique way. People love cats and spending time with cats,” said Catfé founder Michelle Furbacher. What a perfect last name for someone helping out our furry friends!


More from Michelle, “Having this calm atmosphere…makes it more comfortable for the cats to come to people as opposed to being chased by people.”

What a great cause for claws!

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